11 Steps To Launch Your Conference/ Corporate Event Successfully


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As our core value is bringing people to connect, conferences may be one of the great ways for people to really interact, engage, even collaborate with each other. It is one of the suitable platforms to learn about the latest trends and tips in your industry.

You may think a conference is difficult to manage and organise, but the truth is, it is not and this blog will be giving you the insights and steps on how to manage and organise it without getting caught on the back foot.

Today, we are going to cover:
1. Main theme for your conference
2. Target audience & buyer personas
3. Timeline
4. Set up a budget
5. Assemble a team
6. Sponsorships
7. Find a venue
8. Create networking opportunities
9. Find a caterer
10. Marketing collateral
11. Social media

1. Main Theme for Your Conference.

In this topic, you will need to ask yourself why are your organising this conference? What kind of topics will really interest your attendees? It could be:

  • The Power of Social Media
  • How to Market Your Brand During the Pandemic
  • 2020 Event Marketing Strategies

After pinpointing a theme will result in focusing on your efforts to manage it easily.

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2. Who is your target audience?

Your attendees are your first priority because it will lead to what values that you will be going to provide them which will make them want to turn up for your conference.

There are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of solutions will solve their current problem?
  • Who do they want to network with?
  • What are their concerns?

What awareness you would like to spread and raise?

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3. Timeline

Timeline is what makes the conference go smoothly. Decide on what date and time that is suitable for your audience and enough time to spread the words. Setting up a date will help you to create and draft out the process and roadmap for the conference.

4. Set up a budget

The budget set will determine the size of your conference and the cost of venue, speaker, food, manpower and etc. The budget can be revised along the way.

Download our: Free Event Budget Template

5. The team

Manpower is considered as crucial in every conference or events, you’ll definitely need a team to manage and monitor the whole event in order to hold the conference smoothly.

Manpower that you’ll need includes:

  • Visual communication team (slides and information)
  • Sound team (speakers and microphones)
  • Lighting team
  • Photo and video team
  • Event coordinators
  • Administrators

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6. Finding the right sponsors

Sponsors are great for your brand as well as your conference/ events as you will get the credibility and the fund to host the ideal conference. Remember, prepare the sponsorship packages that you can sell to them.

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7. Find your perfect venue

The venue should be attractive and fit for your purpose. Take SPACE ODDITY as an example, when you choose a venue like this, you should ask some questions:

  • Is the location accessible to everyone?
    Yes, Space Oddity is at the heart of Johor Bahru city.
  • Are there nearby accommodations and restaurants?
    Yes, there are some hotels and restaurants.
  • Can the venue be available for the number of people you expected?
    The maximum capacity of Space Oddity is about 200 people.
  • Do they provide their own professional team?
    Yes, Space Oddity provides their professional team like visual communication, lighting, sound, event planner as well as photographer and videographer.
  • Do they have the enough equipment to make the conference as attractive and comfortable as possible?
    Yes, Space Oddity provides high quality equipments like LED screens etc.
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Explore more on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spaceoddity.co

8. Create an opportunities for networking

Networking sessions are as important as the attendees learn from the speakers, they will have the interest to network with like-minded people, so a noisy space will not always be the best way to hold networking sessions.

9. Caterer

Find a caterer for your conference or events so that the attendees may have the choice to stay at the event hall. Besides, remember to consider the dietary restrictions when you decide what’s on the menu.

10. Marketing collateral

Banners, posters, flyers or other marketing collaterals allow you to promote your conference as well as the agenda for your conference

11. Social media

You should not neglect the social media platforms as almost everyone on this planet is using social media everyday. It’s important to spread the words and promote your conference/ corporate events. Besides, you also can consider the paid social media promotions as a part of your marketing strategies.

Without a doubt, you should start your corporate event/ conference to gain your experience. In other words, you also need to get as much feedback as possible to improve your skills and successfully market your brand.

Good luck with your conference/ corporate events!


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