How Long Does It Takes to
Plan & Execute
your Virtual Event?


Many issues arise when trying to plan out virtual events’ timeline. We will be examining ways we can create an effective virtual event timeline. 2020 has been a crazy year with a lot of restrictions, not letting people leave their houses. Unlike before, there is a high demand for virtual events. It can be visualized in the massive growth of virtual apps like Zoom stocks, which has gone high since the beginning of the year. Before virtual events used to be a temporary solution, physical events were always considered the first choice.

But with the massive changes that happened in the world, many people have realized that virtual events can work as good as physical events. During the lockdown, it became the only medium people can hold events. After the lockdown, the virtual event space is still in high demand.

The truth is events can’t be like before anymore. There has been a fundamental change in people’s capacity for large gatherings.

It’s no secret hybrid, and virtual events are here to stay. It’s time to pay attention to the virtual event industry when planning out an event. Now is the best time to start planning your virtual event, research, and get a team to plan a smooth virtual event for your clients. The truth is virtual events cost less money and less time to put in action, and with more experience, it keeps getting easier.

Why should I worry about the virtual event timeline?

Creating a timeline for your virtual event is essential for the smooth running of your program. Nothing goes smoothly without planning the without timeline—creating a timeline that contains all the behind the scene plan and structure for how the virtual event will go.

Most virtual event planning takes about 12 weeks to establish the event‘s goals and gather the necessary technological solutions to tell the story you want, with speaker arrangement, marketing strategy and a lot more:

12 weeks – 8 weeks:
In this period, we get you a production company. Make sure the production begins pre-production, developing supporting production paperwork, and framing out a platform for use, among other things.

8weeks – 4 weeks:
we start building promotion, reviewing graphic contents, scheduling rehearsals with the speaker, testing the functionality of the platform, and onboarding exhibitors.

4 weeks to the program:
Here is the final setup stage. By now, the event website has gone live; pre-recorded contents are in place with speakers arranged to prep them. Towards the final set up we will be doing a lot of technical rehearsals and final quality control checks.
And finally sit to watch an amazing virtual event.


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