Planning an intimate
micro wedding
ceremony soon?

Here’s where you can host an intimate mini-matrimony

Nowadays, many plans are put on hold because of the current situation, especially weddings. Couples who are looking forward to get married have had their plans halted due to the uncertainties. Eventually, we, Space Oddity has a way to make it happen — as getting married is a lifelong dream for many.

And speaking of ‘making it happen’, we’ve seen a rise of micro weddings this year, which defined as an intimate wedding with fewer than 100 guests, micro wedding a.k.a mini-ceremony. While it is a tough decision to say goodbye to a grand and generous wedding, this alternative plan enables you to celebrate such an important and special event with the closest people in your life.

If you are looking an intimate wedding event space that has a private dinner-like atmosphere for a comfortable setting.
We are assigned to help you
throughout the time you’re there.
And with its location in the heart of the city, Johor Bahru,
it is a strategic venue for those living in Johor.  

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Bonded to you with joy and contentment,
holding your hands with rapture,
I realize my dreams have come true.
Both my body and soul,
engulfed in gratification.
I feel safe and warmth in your arms.
My heart melt inside of me,
yearnings are comforted and fulfilled,
You are my shelter,
You are my refuge,
you are my everything.