Why Offline Conferences
Are Important?


This world is increasingly becoming an online one. But before this, everything was done offline. By offline, we mean physical interaction. If you want to buy something you need to get from someone. Now every form of the transaction can be done online from the comfort of our home. This trend is not limited to online transactions, even meetings and conferences are held online, especially with the series of lockdowns that rocked this year.

Does this mean we should do everything online? No, even with the tremendous digital revolution, there is the reason why offline conferences are still very important.

Let’s examine some of the reasons we think this way:

  1. Offline conference strengthens your relationships: There are a lot of things missing from the online conference that can only be found in offline conferences. One of which is everyone is in the same room while in an online conference everyone can be anywhere.

    There is more interaction with attendees and instructors, even on to a personal level. The list goes on and on; there is so much connection that can easily be built-in offline conference. This could be because physical meetings are the kind of medium humans have been using for communication for thousands of years.
  1. Offline conferences help you keep in touch with reality: This is not limited to just an offline conference; it refers to all kinds of offline meetings. You could be lost in an online meeting as it could feel like you are in a video game, losing some sense of reality. But coming out and interacting offline helps us keep in touch with reality. A lot of us can relate to this, especially with the series of lockdowns we just faced, due to the pandemic. 
  1. Offline conferences are more professional: One of the cores of conferences is professionalism. Offline conference provides that, professionalism can be strongly emphasized when everyone is together in one location.
  1. Offline conference doesn’t have the disadvantages of online conferences: Some of the main disadvantages of doing online conference include:

    Poor internet network connections, especially when you are in poor regions. Also, participants are more focused during offline conferences than in online conferences where there are a lot of distractions.

In an offline conference, the atmosphere can be controlled; the atmosphere is designed to be silent and allow for easier assimilation of information.

Advantages like this and others make offline conferences very important in passing information. 


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